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Nudity and Art

Nudity has to be a good word to get search engines to notice this post.

That aside, I was at the Art Gallery of NSW today. It was 38 degrees C in Sydney and ergo a good day to be inside. The exhibition I went to see was 'Nude - Art from the Tate Collection.' Here is the link.

Most of what I recall about the Tate from about 1999/2000 was a reported series of memos intended to stop the staff there calling it 'the' Tate (as I just did) as this sounded too pretentious. Just 'Tate', thanks very much.

I must admit that I did not think 'Nude' was that interesting as an exhibition. Not after paying $24 to see it, anyhow. Some of the works on display in the free galleries were much more interesting from my point of view. These bowls, below, for example. Found in an exhibition of modern Japanese art called 'Time, Light, Japan'. Check it out here.

For those who need more nude, they can see 'Nude Live' at the gallery where six performers dance in the nude. Apparently, unlike the strip joints now disappearing from Kings Cross, it's all legit.

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