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Clarkes Point Reserve/Woolwich Dock & Parklands

A hidden gem in Sydney Harbour - lots of fascinating old stuff to look at as well as a lovely park! Shot with Canon 5D MkII with 35 mm f2 IS lens.

According to the Sydney Harbour Trust, 'Morts Dock and Engineering Company purchased the site in 1898 and excavated 85,000 cubic metres of sandstone to construct a dry dock. When it opened in 1901, Woolwich Dock was the largest in Australia. For more than 50 years, Morts repaired ships there. The busiest times were during the two world wars when many passenger vessels were converted to armed troopships and repairs were carried out on damaged ships.'

The object in the foreground is a caisson, which would be sunk in the dry dock entry so that water could be pumped out and ships worked on. It's looking pretty second hand now.

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