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Preparation for Japan

I am getting ready for a trip to Japan later this year. I need to travel light, and I really love some of the Fjallraven gear like this pouch. I also have a Fjallraven jacket, seen here. Here is a photo of me in the Fjallraven jacket with Jezebel:

Not sure what camera gear I will take yet, but that too will need to be light to make the trip as easy and pleasant as possible! I'm thinking of using a compact camera such as a Fujifilm X100s model, which I have, or the newer 'T' version seen here.

I have not really had time to experiment with the X100s yet, though I have tried out the Sony a6000. This has been a very effective little 24 megapixel camera. I've managed some nice shots of Jezebel and Rachel with it...

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