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Professional fees


Photography fee. Paul's photography fee is $150/hour excluding GST. 


This is the cost of actually shooting the assignment on location or in studio. 


Processing fee. The post production fee is also $150/hour excluding GST.


Every shoot can potentially produce hundreds of images. From these, the best are selected for the client. 


Also, not every image is perfect straight out of the camera, and there may be adjustments needed to colour, exposure or other characteristics that will deliver you a pleasing image. The processing, or post production fee, includes:


  • Selecting the best images for you to choose from;

  • Processing the images to get the best balance, light and colour;

  • Saving images in high or lower resolution for your requirements; 

  • Saving to USB memory stick or CD for your use; and

  • A non-exclusive licence for you to use the images


Administrative fees


We try to avoid any extra fees. However, sometimes it is unavoidable because of costs such as parking or travel. Any additional charges will be discussed with you beforehand for approval. 


Please contact Paul to discuss your requirements. 


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