Darlinghurst photography

Today was a good day to go out and shoot with my Fujifilm X Pro 1. These are great little cameras, very good controls which are a joy to use. I thought I would go for a wander in Darlinghurst, Sydney, and see what could be seen. I snapped quite a few photos but only a few really interested me when I went through the shots later. Here they are, below. I was shooting with a 23 mm f1.4 lens, which is great for these sorts of street scenes.

Preparation for Japan

I am getting ready for a trip to Japan later this year. I need to travel light, and I really love some of the Fjallraven gear like this pouch. I also have a Fjallraven jacket, seen here. Here is a photo of me in the Fjallraven jacket with Jezebel: Not sure what camera gear I will take yet, but that too will need to be light to make the trip as easy and pleasant as possible! I'm thinking of using a compact camera such as a Fujifilm X100s model, which I have, or the newer 'T' version seen here. I have not really had time to experiment with the X100s yet, though I have tried out the Sony a6000. This has been a very effective little 24 megapixel camera. I've managed some nice shots of Jezebel an

The D700

Lots of people love the Nikon D700. Read about it on the Nikon site here. I'm one of those people, and in this image you can see one of my cameras set up for a photo session. In this image below we have a slightly different set up: Here, the camera is on a Manfrotto L bracket. These can be bought on Amazon. Amazingly, the D700 cameras can still be bought on websites like Amazon. Check one out here.

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